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    5 Significant Reasons to Engage a Mortgage Broker

    At Mortgage 2 Wealth, we understand the need for sound financial advice in building wealth and securing your future. That is the reason our experts work personally with all our clients to guide them to reach their financial goals. We aim to help them get the best deals on their first homes, property purchases, or refinancing existing loans.

    A major number of clients in Sydney have trusted us with all their mortgage needs for years. We have built up a reputation in the community for honesty and hassle-free services. Our trained mortgage brokers will act as intermediaries between the borrower and the financial institution (such as a bank and other lenders) to find the most favorable deal for them.

    Why do you need a mortgage finance advisor?

    1. Help compare offerings from different lenders – When a customer deals with a lender directly they are limiting themselves to the products and offering from only that lender. However, as a mortgage finance broker, we have access to most of the lenders in the marketplace and tools to compare various products and services to meet your individual needs. This process can be very time consuming and overwhelming for a customer if they were to compare with different lenders themselves.
    2. Fees and charges – When someone contacts a broker at Mortgage 2 Wealth, they usually are not required to pay any fee as we are paid by the lenders. However, in some cases, we may have to charge because of the complexity of the deal. At Mortgage 2 Wealth, our brokers are always completely upfront about their charges so that clients aren’t inconvenienced about a lack of transparency later on.
    3. Does all the challenging work for you – Getting a loan, buying a house, or refinancing a property can be complicated if one is new to the process. It involves researching various lenders to short-list the best products, application requirements etc. It also includes meeting and process is followed, proceeding to finally negotiate and escalate with the lender for the best and timely outcome.
      A mortgage loan broker takes over all these tasks on behalf of our valued clients. They only need to provide their personal and financial details; the broker will take care of the rest. In today’s world, where people are always busy and rushing back and forth between work and home, this service is a significant advantage for building wealth and buying assets.
    4. Up to date with the most recent policy and legislation changes – When customers engage a mortgage broker, their goal is to get access to information they will not be able to gather on their own. Our experts are professionally obliged to keep up to date with the lending policies and newest legislation regarding property ownership and lending laws. They are also aware of all the schemes provided by the government to make it easier for people from different income groups to become homeowners.
      This information is beneficial for clients in planning their property purchase. Mortgage brokers also provide critical details necessary for refinancing a property. They review a person’s existing loan and then get a better deal from newer solutions available in the market.
    5. Help understand Credit Score – The credit score or report can significantly determine the possibility to get a loan approval or denial. This is based on past repayment history, credit checks, declined applications, etc. So, if the borrower wants to remain financially healthy and maintain a good credit score, then it is advisable to engage an expert to increase your chances of loan approval. The broker will check eligibility and ensure that they only apply for loans that can get approved.

    At Mortgage 2 Wealth, we have a high success rate because our expert mortgage brokers take time to understand and provide suitable solutions to your needs. If you are looking for reliable and trustworthy partners to assist with your property goals, we are here to help. Our office is at Suite 201/9, 29-31 Solent Circuit, Norwest NSW 2153. You can also call us on 02 9680 1262 or email us at

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