About Us

Crafting Tailored Financial Solutions

About Us


Welcome to Mortgage2Wealth Australia, where we provide tailored loan solutions and strategies to individuals and businesses. At Mortgage2Wealth Australia, we believe in establishing trust and credibility with our clients via loan-term relationships and value-based partnerships. We are on a mission to empower our clients by educating them and providing the best loan options to give them a head start in their journey to property ownership.


From our commitment to transparency, confidentiality, and independence to our unwavering focus on quality, continuous improvement, and customer experience, we strive to exceed expectations.

Our Story

Our journey began over 20 years ago while working for some of the well-known biggest financial institutions in the country. Working with the biggest lenders in the country allowed us to learn from the best and value of the service to customers and the community in general but always felt we could do more. Hence getting out of our comfort zone and going independent was an obvious decision.
Through Mortgage2Wealth, we could directly help our clients and consistently provide them with the best financial solutions tailored to their needs.
Mortgage2Wealth is not just a name but a belief that you can create long-term wealth through leveraging mortgages responsibly.

What Sets Us Apart


  • Over 20 years of industry experience in providing in-depth and genuine advice.
  • Systems and processes designed to give exceptional customer experience.
  • Using Best Practices in loan restructuring to maximise tax effectiveness.
  • Regular financial reviews and consultations.
  • 99% approval rate.

Meet Our Experts


Mortgage Consultant

Anand brings extensive expertise gleaned from over two decades in the banking and finance industry across prominent financial institutions in Australia. He specialises in helping individuals realise their property aspirations. His personal property investing experience spans over 2 decades with extensive experience in researching potential growth areas, property acquisition and finance. This experience, together with a comprehensive understanding of industry regulations, issues, and trends, has positioned him as a genuine expert in property, finance, and money management disciplines.


Mortgage Consultant

Nishant brings over a decade of industry experience working in various roles in property financing. This invaluable exposure gives him the expertise in navigating the nuances of mortgages and finance, allowing him to craft tailored strategies that align perfectly with individual aspirations. He believes in leveraging technology and tools to deliver a smooth & efficient client experience.